Saturday, September 06, 2008

Politics as UnUsual

Yesterday I decided to make an illustration of a Pit Bull Terrier in Lipstick in honor of the latest political sensation, Sarah Palin. During her historic vice presidential nominee acceptance she mentioned that she is a Hockey Mom, and that the only difference between a Hockey Mom and a Pitbull is Lipstick. First I drew the pitbull, with big brown eyes and sweeping lashes, upswept ears, pearls and a sophisticated, perky raised chin. Of course what really pulls it all together are the bright red lips integrated into what really remains a dog face, yet I think captures some of Sarah Palin as well. I did several versions: Hockey Moms for Palin and Pit Bulls for Palin in versions with and without glasses. My new politics store can be seen here for shirts, campaign buttons, bumper stickers and more. Now my quest is to find a suitable animal to represent Obama. My mother suggests a bulldog for McCain, which actually makes a lot of sense.
I also have another new political design about Community Organizers, another hot button issue of late. Ms. Palin implied that Community Organizers have no responsibilities, which has reportedly annoyed several CO's.
My new design has a logo for Community Organizer which notes: Bringing People Together to Create Change and (yes, it is a big responsibility!). Products with this design are here:
I'm having a lot of fun with my Cintiq, but can't decide whether to move on to Halloween or continue with campaign stuff. Actually, at this late date I should be already designing for Christmas. Oi.

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