Thursday, October 19, 2006

It's been a while since I had a chance to blog. This entry may, in fact, be a little short. I am preparing to send several matted prints to the Dream Dachshund Halloweenie picnic in Georgia, where they will be selling them for me. I provided the art for the logo and for their event t-shirts, and will also be sending some prints for them to raffle or auction: If you are in Georgia I hope you get a chance to attend this rescue event and say hello to the hardworking volunteers there.
The picture at left is one that will go on auction tonight. I am painting several square and small rectangular pieces with the view of using the images for ornaments and cards in my Cafe Press store. Some originals that are up on auction this week are already available there: I also have two 12 month calendars up - the regular Dachshundicity and the Longhaired version. Reds and black and tans will be up soon.
The new paintings include this wirehaired snow Dachshund at left, which is also now available as a card. coat.
The painting at right cracks me up, and I am very gratified to see that others have found this image funny as well. Be sure to see the description in the auction for the whole story:
I have once again had eBay's feedback system lose all of my feedback. I try to come up with personal, original comments when I leave feedback, but many times now I have spent time typing in fresh feedback only to have eBay give me an error page when I try to submit it - losing up to 20 at a time. Ugh. Right now I think I am all caught up, but I had to re-write everything. Thanks, eBay.
Well, I better get back to work. Those prints aren't going to mat themselves, and if I don't clean the house soon the producers of "Cops" will be calling to ask if they can use it as a set. We also think they should do a new realty series and use our house as the pilot - they can call it "Smell this House!"