Wednesday, April 05, 2006

New Works in Progress

Two new works in progress are up. Yes, I meant to get finished pieces up by Sunday, but as always I am behind, especially with my b-day celebration on Saturday and on Sunday I really got into sorting some of my old art supplies. I now have one storage box of abandoned craft materials - meaning I abandoned the craft but hope to return to it, perhaps when Kelly is a little older. I combined my polymer clay materials, my wood burning tools, and my wood carving tools together. If I find my clock parts they can go in there, too. I guess watching these "Clean Sweep" type shows helps a bit - at least I'm learning to make my mess more compact.
The first new WIP (work in progress) is a larger version (5"x7") of the hot dog with a black and tan dachsie. The fries will feature the logo "Doxie's". The auction is here:
Dachshund Hot Dog Fries Original Weiner Art Painting
The second is on 10"x7" coffee-stained paper and features a longhaired black and tan doxie relaxing in a coffee cup.
The cup will feature a coffee bean pattern. It is difficult to see the image unless you click on it since it is just penciled in right now. Longhaired Dachshund Coffee Weiner Dog Art Original I think I will paint this one first and outline it after, just the opposite of the Hot Dog painting above. I plan to do a series based on both of these with all different coats. I need to get crackin' on the wine series, too. That and the cave paintings are a couple of my most original ideas and I really need to keep refinining them and offer them as prints. That's it for today. It is 1am and Kelly is here with me playing a computer "edutainment" game. She is already a master with the mouse after only a week or so.

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