Friday, March 31, 2006

Tyrannosaurus Dox

Here it is, the most feared creature in all of pre-history - the TDox, AKA Tyrranosaurus Dox! Be sure to visit the auction for a full description of this evolutionary marvel: Tyrannosaurus Dachshund Cave Painting Weiner Dog Art . This one is 5x7 inches painted on coffee-stained paper. Be sure to see the close-up in the auction.
Next is the Black and Tan Coffee Hound. This is one of the little ATCs that
is 2.5x3.5 inches. A small treasure with iridescent blue bones on the cheerful yellow cup. The auction for this one resides at Dachshund Coffee Hound Original Weiner Dog ATC ACEO Art . The third original up is a classic Hot Dog. This one is also an ACEO (Art Cards Editions and Originals)
Dachshund Hot Dog Original Weiner Dog Art ATC ACEO WWAO. All three auctions end on Sunday, April 2.
Starting tonight as soon as I get my code changed there will be a big sale in my store at all prints just $11 each. Right now the sale is planned through tax day, but you never know, I might extend it! Folks on my mailing list will get a note about the sale.
Saturday is my birthday, which is my excuse for having the sale. We are going to a kangaroo farm to celebrate and we might even get to pet a lemur! Yea!

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